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Bulgarian Branch Chamber Machine Building

The Bulgarian Branch Chamber is a non-profit association for the promotion, support and protection of the interests of its members. Members are more than 280 major companies, manufacturers from all sub-sectors of machine building, e.g.: Manufacture of machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and other transport equipment. The members of the Branch Chamber produce over 65% of the country’s machine building output. The Branch Chamber is a member of the largest international employer organization in the metal, electrical and technological industries CEEMET – Brussels and European Foundry Organization – CAEF.
Food-Processing Initiative e.V.

Food-Processing Initiative e.V. is a Germany based membership association; its cluster network connects companies from the food sector (food and drink producers, food technology, ingredients, cleaning technologies, IT solutions, etc.), research organizations, branch associations, as well as local and regional public bodies. ·The aim is to foster communication, provide information, facilitate contacts across the food chains and stakeholders, initiate and support all forms of co-operation and innovation projects, both national and international with special attention to the involvement of SMEs.
3D Printing Industrial Association (3DPIA)

3D Printing Industrial Association (3DPIA) launched itself to respond quickly to the changes in industries that the 3D printing industry will bring and build a solid foundation, as Korea is starting a bit late despite the worldwide trend of 3D printing. Major activities include developing technologies for 3D printing industry and strengthening competitiveness of 3D printing industry, discovering new products and business models, establishing H/W and S/W standardization and certification services, improving policy suggestions and systems related to 3D printing, establishing networks among member companies and providing information, etc. to promote domestic 3D printing industry and strengthen international competitiveness.
Korea 3D Printing Association

The world has entered a new era where there are many things that cannot be explained by the existing framework.
“Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in all of human history,” said futurist Thomas Frey, a professor at the University of Colorado. The World Economic Forum cited 3D printing as one of the top 10 promising technologies of the future. By using 3D printing technology, you can quickly create prototypes without molds, saving a lot of time and money, and innovating manufacturing processes to produce customized products and open the era of start-ups with ideas. Furthermore, I think it is a key technology in the fourth industry that can contribute greatly to the future society by improving human health through bio-printing. The Korea 3D Printing Association (K3DPA), an authorized agency of the Ministry of Science and ICT, promises to faithfully play the role of the public interest, expand exchange support projects, actively conduct education and public relations activities, and take the lead in future changes in the national economy to promote and develop 3D printing, which is one of the pillars of the fourth industrial revolution.
3D Printing Teachers Association

The 3D Printing Teachers Association is a nationwide private organization consisting of South Korea’s professional and general 3D printing instructors, elementary, middle and high school teachers, college professors, lifelong educators, etc. that has set off with the goal of acquiring new technology related to 3D printing industry home and abroad to spread it across the country and society and have the whole nation realize 3D printing industry technology.
The Association believes that the competitiveness of future South Korea lies in information and science, cutting-edge technology and creative education, and that 3D printing stands at the very center of information, science, and advanced technology, and recognizes that the spread of high-quality 3D printing education to all of the people and application to industries are extremely critical for the reinforcement of national competitiveness. To actualize such goal, the Association is fostering instructors related to 3D printing accompanied by refresher training and is developing and distributing the standard curriculum for 3D printing. The Association seeks to contribute to the development of the 3D printing industry with International academic exchange and cooperation, promote employment, business start-ups, and job creation through 3D printing education, and render service to the development of national industry and economy reinvigoration. Each branch will hold lecture meetings and workshops in the local communities and also carry out free 3D talent donation education, thereby leading the future society of the Republic of Korea that is without information gap.
Korea Bio Material Packaging Association

KBMP was established to promote Biodegradable and Carbon Neutral Biomass materials, products and solve relebant technical problems involved. There are over 1,074 members companies, and prebenting overlap of research facilities by carrying out joint research projects and joint projects. KBMP was established with the permission from the Mistry of Knowledge Economy(Announcement of MKE(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)2011-14/License No.2011-2)and is working on reducing Carbon from Bio materials to finished products.
Korea Food Cold Chain Association

The Korea Food Cold Chain Association was launched in May 2014 after receiving permission from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to establish the association by inheriting the existing Agricultural and Food Low Temperature Logistics Research Association. It was established for the maintenance of taste and quality of food through safe, fast and accurate logistics based on maintaining proper temperature of food, and further for the people’s dietary safety, health and efficient operation of food resources. Under the theme of advancing cold chain system and technology, we are organizing various projects such as ‘Best Cold Chain Awards’ and establishing a group standard for Cold chain. In addition, fresh food manufacturers and companies in various fields such as cold chain related logistics, storage, machinery/facilities, construction, IT solutions, and frozen vehicles are made up of our members.
Korea Gift Wrapping Association(KGWA)

Korea Gift Wrapping Association(KGWA) has contributed significantly to introducing and developing technologies for gift packaging that create more added value in addition to the basic value of products, and also introducing and developing ribboncraft, which is closely linked to the gift packaging sector, into new living and cultural areas. In the future, we will continue to lead the research, development, training of experts, and related projects in an educational and systematic manner, and develop efficient gift packaging and ribboncraft culture. We will develop and continue to promote wider and deeper development through the continuous interest of the relevant linkages.
Korea Integrated Logistics Association

Korea Integrated Logistics Association(KILA) was founded in 2009 on thebasis of Korea government law, Article 55 of the Basic Logistics Policy Act. * KILA has integrated several organizations related to logistics serviceincluding Korea Logistics Association, Korea Warehouse Association, Total Logistics Service Association, Courier Service Association and Container Transportation & CY operators’ Association. ㅇ KILA is the premier professional organization for logistics in Korea with more than 500 corporate members including CJ Logistics, Hanjin, Hyundai Glovis, Pantos, etc. ㅇ KILA seeks to fulfill its objects in close collaboration and engagement with logistics companies and professionals, institutions and academia, industry organizations and partners, government agencies as well as international organizations and businesses.
Korea Packaging Association Inc.

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