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Q. What is the difference between Food Industry Technology Show Korea and Coex Food Week?

Food Industry Technology Show Korea (“FITSK”) is a B2B trade show on food technology, including packaging machinery, data service and food-tech, food distribution and cold-chain, organized by Coex and DLG (jointly “Organizer”). FITSK is co-located with Coex Food Week in the Coex Center. Previously, food packaging/machinery, processing technology, and food-tech companies participated in “COEX FOOD PACK”. However, since 2020, those relevant companies need to book a stand through FITSK in order to benefit from being allocated within the dedicated event concept of FITSK and dedicated communications as well as a professional visitor target group. For more information, please contact your local event representative.

Q. How do I participate in the Exhibition?

For international companies, please contact DLG International GmbH and request a quote.

DLG : &

For Korean companies, please register through CyberCoex.

CyberCoex :

Q. What’s the price for exhibiting?

The cost of exhibiting depends on the type of stand, its location, and construction type. The Organizer can help companies to choose the most suitable format according to their goals and budget. Exhibitors can find detailed information in the Exhibit > Book a Stand section and on the application form that can be request by e-mail via

Q. What is the difference between space-only booths, shell-scheme stand and premium stand booths?

While the exhibition Organizer provides all of the materials and assembly needed for a shell-scheme stand or premium stand booth, unequipped exhibition raw space will be provided for a space-only booths, meaning exhibitors will be expected to construct their booth assembly themselves (respectively with their own stand design). Exhibitors must complete “Space-Only Booth Contractor Declaration Form”, available through the website.

For shell-scheme stand booths, the Organizer will only provide an at least three-sided divider, three spotlights, two fluorescent lamps, a company name sign, an information desk and chair, and a fiber-textile floor cover.

For premium stand booths, the Organizer will provide an at least three-sided divider in higher quality, LED illuminated lits, backlight illuminated premium quality fascia board, premium carpet (pytex) flooring, an information desk and chair, three spotlights and one power socket.

Q. For a space-only booth, should assembly be conducted only by the subcontractors approved by Coex?

Yes. Please refer to the lift of accredited subcontractors and choose from the list. Coex Service Partners consist of companies that has completed training on the regulations of the Coex exhibition venue. This regulation is implemented by Coex Venue and the Organizer and the exhibitors must follow it.
In case where a company inevitably have to construct its own booth through an independent contractor that is not one of the Coex Service Partners, the company must submit the design graphics of the booth construction, a list of workers, and a Space-only Booth Contractor Declaration Form. The exhibitors must get prior approval as early as possible to ensure that sufficient time is available for any potential revisions. The design graphic shall include details and locations concerning electrical systems, telephone installations, water supplies and waste water drainage, compressed air supplies, and other related utilities.
In case that there are any problems caused from having hired personal contractor, the company shall take full responsibility for any damages or problems that occur. The Organizer has the right to approve the removal of concerned exhibitors for expected damage or problems.

Q. What is the procedure for bringing exhibit items?

When bringing in exhibits through the cargo entrance, the exhibitors must inform the security personnel with the name of the company and the exhibition. If any exhibitors are bringing in dangerous items, then the exhibitor must submit a separate application form, “Hazardous Materials Application”, to the Coex Organizer for approval.

Q. What is Online Directory?

The Online Directory has replaced the hard copies of official exhibition directory featuring full exhibitor and exhibit information. The exhibition directory will only include information about the show, list of exhibitors and concurrent events. The companies are required to complete the “Online Directory Form” and submit it to the Organizer in order to get company information and its products published on the official website of FITSK. Companies can upload up to 3 images in the Online Directory.

Q. When will the Internet be available?

Exhibitors who order/apply for own LAN connection will have priority in regards to Internet service. Exhibitors who apply for LAN should install the Internet service program for their company at the pre-arranged location. Installation should take less than five minutes. IP addresses will be provided at the same time as installation. Please have in mind that only wired LAN is provided if exhibitors applied for LAN before the set-up period of the exhibition.

Q. Is it possible to apply for utilities on-site? Or add additional units (Telephone, Water supply, Internet LAN)?

Contractors will complete all the wiring and water hose underneath the exhibition floor box before the start of booth construction period. Since it is difficult to open and close the floor boxes once the booth construction begins, applying for utilities ends by the announced deadline. For applying additional units, please go to the Organizer Office on-site to request additional units and to complete the form and make the payment on-site.

Q. What should exhibitors prepare besides booth spaces and stands?

Exhibitors should also prepare a display stand, materials for the booth interior, catalogs of their exhibits, and business cards. It is possible to rent tables and display stands for the duration of the exhibition. In the case of any damages to a shell-stand booth or premium stand caused by hammering or the use of nails or any non-residual materials , exhibitors must provide reasonable compensation to any affected party affiliated with Coex Food Week or FITSK.
Adequately prepared employees for the exhibition are strongly advised. In general, a salesperson or company agent should prepare a presentation associated with his or her own exhibits, meaning that employees or other presenters should also be sufficiently prepared for the presentation in terms of their attire, attitude, speech, bargaining and negotiating skills, etc.
Inviting buyers and business partners prior to the exhibition is highly recommended. By doing so, exhibitors can improve the benefit of participating in the event and to showcase their exhibits to the right persons. The Organizers are happy to provide helpful marketing materials.

Q. What is the procedure for booth allocation?

Booth locations are assigned on a first-come first-served basis depending on the exhibit items, booth scale, and order of booth payment received. Additionally, the exact booth location will be notified to the companies who have submitted ‘Online Directory Form’ to the Organizer.
The Organizer will reflect the company’s requests as much as possible when assigning the booth; however, the final decision will be made by the Organizer focusing on the overall flow and structure of the exhibition. In the month of September, the exhibitors will be notified by the Organizer once the first round of booth allocation has been completed.
In the case of unavoidable or unalterable circumstances, the Organizer has the right to change the allocated space for booths as long as it is before the exhibition set-up and preparation period. The Organizer shall not be liable for compensation to exhibitors owing to booth space allocation changes.

Q. How can I pay after submitting the application form?

For overseas exhibitors: DLG International GmbH send an invoice via email. Payment is made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract in advance – deadlines are transparently indicated in the contract and the invoice.

For Korean exhibitors: Coex Co., Ltd. will generally request exhibitors to complete the deposit (50% of the total booth fee) within 7 days after submitting the application form, and complete the rest with the utilities fee, payable to Coex Co., Ltd.

Q. How can I order advertising & marketing options?

To obtain the highest possible results at the exhibition, the Organizer recommends that companies go beyond just booking a stand. The foundation for successful participation is based on the pre-exhibition comprehensive advertising campaign, which may include numerous marketing communications tools.

Additional marketing options can help attract visitors to your stand, strengthen your position on the market and increase your brand awareness. The list of advertising options is available in the Marketing Guide, which can be found on the exhibition web page.

Q. What should exhibitors do to prevent theft and loss?

The Organizer will provide a reliable security service during the set-up, presentation, show, and dismantling periods. However, given the large crowds that are present in the exhibition hall during the show, exhibitors nonetheless must take extra care of their own booth and exhibits.

Exhibitors are liable for the damage and/or loss of their exhibits during the set-up, show, and dismantling periods. Exhibitors should thus be insured for any unexpected accidents. Exhibitors should take special care of any valuable items (i.e. cameras), important notes, and small-sized exhibits.

Q. When is electricity going to be supplied?

Electricity will be supplied after 4 p.m. on November 24th, the last day of the booth construction period. Due to safety concerns, not a single company will be supplied with electricity unless the construction of booth and electricity is completed by the contractor(s). Therefore, the Organizer kindly requests all space-only booths to complete its construction by the deadline set.

Q. How do I use Wi-Fi at Coex Exhibition Venue or conference rooms?

Select Coex Free Wi-Fi Zone when setting up Wi-Fi on your smartphone or laptop, and users will need to log-in every 30 minutes for verification. Coex offers free Wi-Fi service for participants of the exhibition, but only for the most basic internet usages such as checking e-mail and browsing web browsers. If you want more secured and faster internet service, then please apply via submitting the Utilities Form.

Q. How to get exhibitor badges?

Exhibitors can pick-up their Exhibitor’s Badge at the Exhibition Hall A entrance on the last day of booth construction period (November 24th), after 2pm. In case that exhibitors need additional badges, please contact the Organizer for details.

Q. What is the procedure for cleaning?

The Organizer will keep the hallways and shared space clean before and after the show and also take care of trash bins during the show. All waste produced during booth construction has to be removed by the exhibitor. Exhibitors can use the large thrash boxes located near the bathrooms.

Q. Can I borrow carts from the Organizer when bringing exhibits and materials in and out of the exhibition hall?

The Organizer does not have separate carts stored in the office for exhibitors to use. Carts required for bringing/carrying exhibits and materials must be brought/booked/prepared directly by the participating companies.

Q. Is there free parking at Coex?

There is no free parking and the general fees are as below :

Cars 1,200 KRW per 15 minutes (stays of under 5 minutes free) / maximum 48,000 KRW for full day
Trucks 2,400 KRW per 15 minutes (2.5 tons or more)
Buses Prohibited from parking in Coex car park. Please use Tancheon parking lot.
Grace Period No parking fee for stays of less than 15 minutes. Normal parking fee applies to vehicles parked for more than 15 minutes.
Handicapped persons and registered VIPs 50% discount

For parking instruction, please see the following website:

Q. How do I get to Coex?

For direction instruction to Coex, please see website below.

Coex Website :