Korea FoodTech


Meet the Future of the Food Industry
2020. 11. 25 – 26
Coex Conference Room

Korea FoodTech Conference 2020

We invite you to the Korea FoodTech Conference 2020(KFTC2020) lead by industry leaders from Korea and across the globe.

Why Korea FoodTech Conference?

KFTC2020 will be organized by Coex and DLG and this year’s topic is “Food Innovation in the post COVID-19 era.



Speakers‘ profiles

  • Experts from R&D, scientific and industry organizations such as Fraunhofer Institute, DLG‘s Expert Groups for Food Technology, Robotics and Packaging, Stanford University, VDMA (German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association)
  • Overseas Company Representatives from CSB-System, GEA, Pacoon (leading food management, proessing and packaging technology providers)
  • Local representatives of food technology providers, packaging companies as well as wholesale and retail chains and stores, etc.
  • Event : 2019 Korea FoodTech Conference
  • Organizers : Korea FoodTech Association, Coex
  • Date : 2019. 11. 21(Thu) – 22(Fri), Coex Grand Ballroom (1F)